Roof Maxx

A Roof Maxx Treatment Extends Life by Restoring Flexibility and Waterproofing Protection.

Daily expansion and contraction is critical to your roof’s performance and longevity. As roofs age, oil dries out, causing asphalt roof shingles to become brittle. This slowly breaks the roof apart, similar to the way a pothole develops in the road.

Roof Maxx is a powerful, scientifically formulated, all-natural treatment, derived from soybean oil (soy methyl ester). Soy-Fusion Technology allows millions of microbeads of oil to quickly penetrate brittle asphalt roof shingles. This rejuvenates the asphalt, restoring flexibility, facilitating daily expansion and contraction.

Safe and Affordable

Treatment with Roof Maxx is 100% safe for people, pets, property, and the environment. Work is completed in under two hours, with zero mess, for just a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

Roof Maxx® is a scientifically formulated, and 100% safe, plant-based roof rejuvenating spray treatment that was developed by Battelle Labs, the world’s largest private research and development company.

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